by Danso Key



released March 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Danso Key Berlin, Germany

Danso Key’s music is the result of an on-going musical clash. One could say Ani Di Franco meets the Morphine and the Ex within the frame of a post riot grrrl band.

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Track Name: Polyamorous God
The Polyamorous God
that touched our lives,
destroyed our couple,
and without which I can't
live anymore
like a loving thorn,
stabbing my spine
Tickles my eyes

Just a kiss and that cobweb clings to your clothes
Love is simple, love ain’t simple, that’s a hoax
Just the thought of it lined with layers of reciprocal hope.
Love is simple, love ain’t simple.
That’s a hoax

So why don’t you all love me
Love is simple anyone can see that
It’s a soft net that will intertwine our lives
Some get caught, some get hung, some survive.

The Polyamorous God
That killed my wife
And gave her back in a different shape
Is testing how much I can take.
But how much fibre can one eat
How many oppositely directed strings pulled.
Track Name: J'enlace
Mon ombre est plus longue de celle que je suis réellement
Les soirs d’été avec une goutte d’alcool dans le sang
Mes bras noirs de pieuvre, mes jambes fines d’araignée
ne laissent silhouette aux muscles douloureux,
aux nerfs à vif quel tranchant..
les nerfs à vif quel tranchant..
J’enlace rapidement et rapidement je cours à l’abri
Je danse languidement et languidement
je laisse partir ce que j’ai voracément désiré
Encore je danse languidement.
Ah, donner de la voix à “ce qui nous tempte et nous donne ces envies” Ah, mettre le poing sur ce qui les détruit.
Mettre le doigt sur “ce qui nous tempte et nous donne ces envies”
Mettre le poing sur ce qui les construit.
Le satellite terrestre est à une échelle différente du reste du ciel
Lorsqu’il s’attarde à chuchoter à l’horizon.
Ma dose de sucre disparait dans ma tasse de café
Pour réapparaitre sous mes joues.
Les nerfs à vif quel tranchant
Illusion optique quel tranchant
Track Name: Turn-Over-Turn
Alarm clock goes off at the crack of dawn
I’m stuck behind a computer by 8.
I do this for my professional future
it’s an internship, god no, not paid
Dinner time: my real job
the one I need to cover rent
whizzing through dirty dishes,
armani barbies and business men---

Then the boss comes up with a false concerned look on his face
you know, your contract is ending this month
last to come, first to go, that’s the rule
I’m afraid we can’t afford hiring you right now
Just another freshly graduate on the unemployment scene...

Don’t worry girl, you’ll find another fabulous temp job
they are flourishing all over the hypocritical labour market now
Don’t worry girl, you studied years at university
you’ve sure got qualifications
Don’t worry girl, if you can’t pay rent
you can go back to living in your parents home ...

Alarm clock goes off at the crack of dawn
I’m stuck behind a computer by 8.
I do this for my professional future
another internship, of course, unpaid.
Now in the afternoon
I move from an occasional job to an interview
north to east and south to west
maybe I’ll find half an hour to kiss you babe
half-an-hour-....to kiss-you-babe.

Before I crumble into anxious sleep here’s the news
thanks to the new bill on the labour market we’ll be fighting
informal employment, black market will surface, official rates rise by x%
just another manipulation on the misinformation screen...

over and over I turn in bed
body and soul can get no rest
cause over and over they turn us
we are flexible working women
over and over I turn in bed
body and soul can get no rest
cause over and over they turn us
am I just a flexible working woman?
Track Name: Tiny crimes
Those tiny lines that supposedly confine us to different generations
Those sweet cobwebs at the corner of your eyes
Yes they try, how they try, to divide
The only tangible difference, that I can see, are credit lines. Life styles.

It’s never spring time, it’s always coffee time, never ever tea time for you
I hear you mourning about days that are gone and are past,
but it could also be spring time for you.

Is there anything that I can do to make you fall for me
I tried everything that I could do but you won’t fall for it.
I tried everything that I could do but you won’t fall for me, I tried so hard but you won’t take a glimpse

All hope abandon ye who enter
We swim in a pool not of water but of wind…

Those tiny crimes that you crumpled in a ball in your pocket
Always checking they won’t slip out of their socket
They’re going to make you lose your mind
Don’t spend your time weighing them out as they’re commit
We’ve only got this one chance kiss

All hope abandon…

I hear you mumbling about what’s good and what’s bad, but it could also be death time for you
Track Name: Lady in me
The way her hair hangs
and how it calls out
Her eyelashes armour
her earlobe's shield
The charm in her hands
and how they grasp tight
the way her lipstick
shines bright

No she doesn't look like me
She doesn't look like us
Still I believe the lady is to be

Little one, love,
please do not fear her
she dances lightly on my heart
and she leaves no trace
I never call her number
never call her number
though it's running through my veins
I only ever watch her passing by

Peeping into the window
of my underthoughts
the ones that never start being conceived
my heart was torn
it was forlorn
held together by dense obscurity

No she doesn't look like me
still she talks to us
so i believe the lady is to be

Yes I watch her walk
I learn her make-up
I follow her move
Ever astonished by the fact that
No, she doesn't look like me…
Track Name: Flowers
I come from a place
Where the earth is cold and bare
No one bothers cultivating flowers
It’s not that they don’t
Appreciate beauty
It’s simply inessential
Achievement is somewhere else

Till you showed me
As the sun set steadily
That flowers are the only remedy

So I walked down the streets
That I thought I had known
And I found them horrible
And I found them beautiful
I put up my shed
Cause I wasn’t giving up
On atmospheric conditions
I wanted to become beautiful

Come to the bay
See, as the sun sets steadily,
Flowers lose their bloom
And so do we
Track Name: Like a beggar
I take 2 steps towards you
you smile and vanish in thin air
with your mobile up to your ear
Well, I can look at you but not for too long
you could consume all my venom
and who knows who you’re watching
through those fucking sunglasses
Could I have seen your mouth twitch
could you have been about to unstitch
a few words to put on this plate
that I am stretching out like a beggar

Like a beggar, you make me feel like a beggar
you make me feel like a beggar, like a beggar

Were you to take a step towards me
I’d smile and vanish in thin air
but by stumbling down the stairs
Well I can’t compete with you
but not cause your stronger
you have total confidence in your potential
whereas I’m always wondering
what next will go wrong
What of liability? You have none.
the whole world seems to conspire
against those who put themselves across your path.
Have you any worries behind those made-up eyelashes?
Track Name: Clean
I was born a couple of years ago
Just in the place I wanted to be
At ease with myself
Politically fluent
No negative back feed

Who would have known
I had been twisting it around?
I hadn’t noticed
I had been twisting it around
...what do the pure do?...

I didn’t give in to unwanted attention
I didn’t give up on a friend who made mistakes
I didn’t play around with others feelings
I never ever spoke or thought in clichés

I didn’t let myself be the weaker dealer
I didn’t choose a path of mediocrity
I didn’t pretend to be a believer
I never ever betrayed my soul

Brought up in privilege
Shallowness is deep
Haunted by the most common heterosexism
Born in a basket
But bred like a queen
By consumerism
And by patriarchy